Welcome to Just for Grins, your go-to online t-shirt business for a Texan sense of style, humor and joy!

Hi there! We are a family of four (plus two bonus fur babies) nestled deep in the heart of Austin, Texas.

From the get-go, we have always had this innate love for t-shirts and hats. They’re more than just clothes - they’re like a Texas-sized canvas for expressing who we are. Whether we’re making statements or just spreadin’ a little Lone Star happiness, our vision is to design you in style.

Our mission is simple: To bring smiles to faces and make people's lives a bit brighter with our in-house designs. We carefully curate designs that speak to the clever, witty and stylish Texan, because life is meant to be shared with a little sprinkle of yee-haw!

And where better to embark on this journey than the unique and vibrant city of Austin? We draw inspiration from our surroundings, incorporating the vibes and spirit of this amazing city into our designs.

Join us, as we create a community of Lone Star lovers and Texans at-heart. Browse through our collection, find the perfect shirt or hat that speaks to your soul, and share the joy with others.

We can't wait to be a part of your daily life, spreading smiles, and reminding everyone that there’s no place like Texas… one t-shirt at a time!

Follow us, connect with us, and join the Just For Grins family. Together, let’s sprinkle some Southern charm into the world, spreading laughter, positivity and style through our unique humor and design!

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